Readers Favorite 5-Star ReviewDavid E. Guggenheim tells the story of discouragement replaced by the story of hope found, of all places, in Cuba. In The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba: Hopeful Stories from the Ocean Doctor, David shares his involvement in analyzing Cuba’s coral reefs. While coral reefs are dying everywhere else in the world, the reefs of Cuba are healthy and growing. This book discusses why and how such an excellent environment survives a toxic Earth. While David is a scientist, he makes sure his stories and insights are accessible for the nonscientist to understand. What has happened to the reefs affects every living human on planet Earth. It is of ultimate consequence that we all understand what is happening and how we can be part of the cure. The history of Cuba and its people is nicely woven into the story of life and the corals.Readers Favorite Bronze Award

The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba shares the love of nature with the care of nature. David E. Guggenheim shares his journey from his introduction to sea life as a teen to his involvement as a scientist and professor of ocean life. His stories involve those who are working furiously to save the environment. It tells the human side of environmental heroes, including one of the heroes of my younger days, Jacques Cousteau. I watched and read everything I could find by Jacques. David includes his connection with him; talk about a throw-back moment. This book will enlighten those who are not marine biologists or ocean scientists. I highly recommend it to learn more about the environment’s danger. David tells stories of real people, challenges, and work in the background; he aims to make science understandable to nonscientists and elevate science above the dry and dull. He has accomplished both through his excellent storytelling.

Philip Van Heusen

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