Nonfiction Authors Association: Nonfiction Book Awards – Gold Winner

Official review of “The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba” by David E. Guggenheim.

Nonfiction Book AwardsThe Remarkable Reefs of Cuba contains tales of striking contrast, fierce opposition, unyielding passion, and at times unity. This beautifully written book guides the average citizen on a voyage of what it is like to have a passion for preserving the ocean and its inhabitants while accepting the accidental role of an unofficial diplomat. The author follows in fellow oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s fins by writing to not only reach the readers brains but also their hearts. This approach creates a more holistic perspective of multifaceted topics.
This fascinating book illustrates the complex issues scientists, citizens, and politicians navigate while advocating for the bottom of Cuba’s ocean. While there are tremendous insights into Cuba’s tangled past and current economic and political climate, nature is at the forefront of the discussion.

The author shares that all is not bleak. There have been tremendous examples of bipartisanship, particularly with preserving the Everglades. There are comical stories of cultural differences and misunderstandings. However, there are also examples of destroying hard-won good will with dignitaries and colleagues due misinterpreting cultural norms. Science geeks will delight in learning obscure facts like cement can float! The descriptions are so vivid that non-divers will experience the wonder of the ocean as if they are diving right behind the explorers.
“Dr. Guggenheim shares that over his 30-year journey, his work is as much about science as it is about the care and concern of all the people involved. This important book highlights and informs elements of what might be necessary to ensure a healthy, thriving planet and society.

I’ve been reviewing books for NFBA for a while. This is the best book I’ve read. Outstanding job.

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