Online Book Club: 5-Star RatingOfficial review of “The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba” by David E. Guggenheim.

Review by: Eva Nyaburi – 18 Aug 2023 | 5 out of 5 stars

The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba by David E. Guggenheim is a non-fiction book that embarks on an underwater expedition. David, an avid explorer with a deep passion for marine life, guides us through the depths, revealing the importance of marine ecosystems, particularly coral reefs. He sheds light on their pivotal roles and addresses the consequences of human activities on these underwater ecosystems.

The book’s educational aspect is particularly noteworthy. It illuminates a commonly overlooked issue: the pollution of oceans and water bodies, leading to a decline in marine life. Through David’s fervent exploration of underwater ecosystems, readers gain a fresh understanding and appreciation for these environments. The book also educates about the negative impact of fishing on marine life, explores the challenges facing oceans, and discusses the hurdles that David and his fellow explorers encountered during their missions.

Within its pages, the book unravels the enigma of why Cuba’s coral reefs thrive while offering insights into Cuban culture and the lives of its people. David’s affection for the sea and dedication to marine preservation permeate his narrative, encouraging readers to recognize, value, and actively safeguard these extraordinary underwater worlds.

The sole drawback or area of enhancement I would suggest for the book is to incorporate the colorful photos within the different chapters instead of placing them after the bibliography. While the author beautifully described his experiences and marine life, I faced a challenge due to my lack of exposure to oceanic creatures. This often led me to flip to the end of the book or even search online for information on the marine life the author was discussing. [Authors Note: Color images appear in the center of the book. Due to technical limitations, the electronic review copy of the book was delivered without imagery, imagery appended to the end of the book, or imagery delivered as a separate file.]

I give the book a perfect five out of five stars. What I appreciated was its exploration of a topic that many are unfamiliar with, shedding light on ocean life that often goes unnoticed. This book acted as an educational source, enlightening me on the significance of animals like whales, which I hadn’t fully grasped before reading it. The educational value of the book was captivating, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read. I encountered no grammatical errors, leading me to believe that the book underwent exceptional editing. I recommend this book to all nature enthusiasts with a deep fascination for oceans and marine life.

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